Arcadia Berjonneau-Keane, RFC®

Personal Wealth Advisor

Arcadia Berjonneau-Keane is responsible for ensuring that our team is well-prepared and ready to provide excellent service to clients. The responsibilities include, coordinating with clients, advisors and support staff as well as communicating clients’ expectations. Arcadia collaborates between clients, their family members, and their various financial practitioners (CPA’s, Estate Planning Attorney’s, etc.,) to help review their finances are sound. More importantly, this ensures our clients know what to do and whom to contact when any major life event occurs. Arcadia draws from her unique skills as a world-traveler, former professional athlete, business owner, and family experiences, which enables her to genuinely and passionately approach overlooked aspects of a client’s financial planning in an empathetic manner.

In her spare time, Arcadia plays beach volleyball and plays sports with her two sons.

California Insurance License # 0J20573